Ares Our Business Private Equity North American and European Flexible Capital Targeted Investments

We seek compelling investments in leading companies that typically have not maximized their growth potential. We invest our capital in a variety of structures, depending on the needs of a company or a particular transaction. We are equally comfortable investing in both majority and shared-control situations and our Private Equity Group has developed extensive expertise in working through the issues that can surround shared-control investing. As a result, this flexibility helps us to develop a creative transaction that meets the needs of a company's various stakeholders.


Target Investment Characteristics:

  • Leading market share and brand awareness
  • Entrenched position with customers
  • Low-cost operations relative to industry peers
  • Strong return on net assets
  • Experienced management team with meaningful equity ownership and a focus on growth
  • Demonstrated ability to withstand economic downturns
  • Strong EBITDA to free cash flow conversion