Ares Our Business Private Equity China Growth Capital Targeted Investments

 We principally pursue privately-negotiated growth equity investments in high quality companies that operate in industries expected to be the primary drivers of China’s growth over the next decade. Our target investments range from $25 to $75 million in businesses predominately located or operating in Greater China (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) and led by outstanding management partners that are in need of both growth capital and constructive equity sponsorship. Our capital typically takes the form of influential minority investments; however, we remain open to making investments resulting in outright control through buyout transactions. 


Target Investment Characteristics:


Franchise Businesses:


•  Existing or emerging leadership position in an attractive market sector
•  Critical mass in revenue and profitability
•  30%+ per annum top- and bottom-line growth
•  Compelling return on net assets employed
•  Entrenched position with customers with significant barriers to entry
•  Low-cost operations relative to industry peers


Visionary, High-Energy Founders:


•  Top entrepreneurial and management talent with a track record of success
•  Excellent reputation for integrity and ethical business practices
•  Alignment of strategic goals and ownership interests
•  Desire to improve corporate governance, financial reporting and personnel
•  Ability to achieve public company standards