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Ares Infrastructure Opportunities is a market leader in infrastructure and power investing with a focus on climate infrastructure, natural gas generation, and energy transportation sectors. We have built, financed, and operated a diverse portfolio of more than 40,000 MW of generation and transmission capacity and over 1,000 miles of natural gas pipelines.

Our team of investment professionals has 23 years of average investment experience at the senior level with experience from utilities, equipment suppliers, independent power producers, asset managers, and commercial and investment banks.

  • 40,000+MW Generation and Transmission Capacity
  • $10B invested(1)
  • 260+ assets and companies


Ares is Honored to be Recognized as a Leader in North America and Renewables⁽²⁾

Credit fund manager
Private Equity Sponser
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Our Belief

Our experience across the asset life cycle, flexible capital approach, and broad infrastructure expertise position us well to take advantage of the transitioning infrastructure industry.



Structured Debt


Assets & Portfolios


Broad Infrastructure Coverage Experience Across the Asset Life-Cycle Flexible Capital Approach


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  1. Capital deployed includes relevant investment made by Ares EIF as well as Ares Direct Lending, including Ares Capital Corporation, that are consistent with the investment mandate.

Targeted Investments


Our experience across market cycles allows us to seek opportunities in the rapidly evolving infrastructure industry. We target essential infrastructure assets and companies with stable cash flow profiles through long-term contracts and high barriers to entry.

We emphasize value creation and enhanced returns through balanced investing across the capital stack and the asset life cycle, including development, construction and operations.

Infrastructure Opportunities Sectors


Energy Transportation


Climate Infrastructure


Natural Gas Generation


Value Proposition

Experience Across the Asset Life Cycle
Experience Across the Asset Life Cycle

Operational, construction, and development experience allow us to add-value and optimize asset performance

Robust Origination Capabilities
Robust Origination Capabilities

Technical expertise and industry relationships spanning more than two decades create opportunities for proprietary deal flow

Flexible Capital Approach
Flexible Capital Approach

We provide bespoke solutions ranging from structured debt to equity investments across assets and platforms


Infrastructure Opportunities Investor Relations

For inquiries regarding Infrastructure Opportunities investor relations, please contact:

Tyler McConnell

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