Alternative Credit


Alternative Credit sources investment opportunities that fall outside of traditional, well-defined markets. Our strategies feature a differentiated approach to value capture through direct origination, credit arbitrage and disruptions in traditional markets.

Alternative Credit offers a broad range of sub strategies designed to be client-focused and solutions-based with three main formats: pure play, customized and flagship funds. Each format benefits from Ares' focus on asset security, covenants, cash flow velocity and other features designed to capture value and minimize risk to principal. Alternative Credit targets a level of downside protection, low correlation to traditional markets, diversification, attractive levels of current income and attractive risk-adjusted return opportunities.



Targeted Opportunity Set

Target transaction sizes range from $50 million to $500 million+ across Alternative Credit sectors including:

Opportunity 1

  • ABS
  • Whole Loans
  • Secondaries
  • Structured Equity
  • CLO
  • Equipment
  • Royalties
  • CMBS
Opportunity 2

  • Mineral Royalties and PDP
  • REIT Finance
  • RMBS
  • Fee Streams
  • MLP
  • Lender Finance
  • Portfolio Finance
Opportunity 3

  • Fund Finance
  • GP/Manager Solutions
  • CRE CLOs
  • Real Asset Portfolios
  • Media Assets
  • SFR
  • Power Assets
  • Triple-net Lease Portfolios
*For illustrative purposes only.
Opportunity 4

We employ true bottom-up analysis to evaluate the risk and value of each investment. Each opportunity is subjected to a rigorous investment process, drawing upon the breadth of the team’s experience and enhanced by proprietary data, analytical tools and systems. We approach each sector with specialized, dedicated resources and often collaborate with other investment professionals at Ares to enhance our view of risk and value.


Our Approach

We approach each sector with specialized, dedicated resources in collaboration with other investment professionals at Ares

With a seasoned team comprised of over 35 dedicated investment professionals, we believe we are one of the most active market participants. We believe our scale and flexibility contribute to Ares’ ability to originate opportunities and capture value in Alternative Credit.

Our Approach


Co-Heads of Alternative Credit

For inquiries regarding Alternative Credit please contact:

Keith Ashton

Tel: (212) 888-7089

Email: [email protected]

Joel Holsinger

Tel: (212) 515-3238

Email: [email protected]


Head of Product Management and Investor Relations

For inquiries regarding Alternative Credit investor relations please contact: