Values and Culture

Our Greatest

Our Greatest Assets are Our Culture and Our Team.

Michael Arougheti

Co-Founder, CEO and President of Ares Management Corporation

Our team has delivered strong results over the last 20 years across asset classes and market cycles, and our consistent performance has earned us the trust of our investors, which has enabled us to invest in our business for the long-term and to evolve our core competencies into adjacent markets and products.’’

Our Core Values


Our corporate culture is dynamic, vibrant and entrepreneurial, and we encourage apprenticeship-style learning with access to senior leadership, so that each of our employees can effectively contribute to our legacy of success and help grow Ares’ integrated business platform. While Ares has been in existence since 1997, we focus on maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit, where individuals can operate with a degree of autonomy. Innovative ideas and information sharing are encouraged from team members at all levels.


At Ares, we value promoting from within, and a majority of our senior professionals have "grown up" in their careers within Ares. It is our deliberate objective to develop talent through mentorship and training. We reward strong performers not only financially, but also with greater responsibility commensurate with their capabilities. We are constantly growing and building on our achievements, and we are dedicated to helping each of our team members reach their individual goals and become valuable contributors to Ares’ continuing success.


Our culture thrives on collaboration and teamwork. We take pride in our ability to partner with our colleagues across business groups to drive knowledge, insights and enhanced decision-making. Our collaborative culture fosters creativity and innovative problem-solving. We characterize this approach as the "The Ares Advantage."

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ares is committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity, equity & inclusion. We seek to attract and retain a diverse workforce and promote an environment that combines a wide range of experiences and perspectives. The unique life experiences, backgrounds, and self-expression that our team members bring to their work elevate our culture and the company's achievements.

Community Minded

We pride ourselves on our extensive corporate citizenship endeavors, and we actively support local communities and non-profits through firm-wide sponsorships, board positions, charitable donations, and grass roots volunteerism. Through our Ares In Motion (A.I.M.) program, we offer a variety of opportunities to team members throughout the year that support a wide array of causes across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Development Focused

We strive to foster a supportive environment that cultivates professional growth and development. We encourage team members to continuously develop their skills via unique and dynamic on-the-job initiatives, participation in academic coursework, job-related certification programs, seminars, workshops and training courses, as well as through the Ares Academy learning and development platform.

Meet Our Team

Our People

We cultivate teams of intelligent, hard-working and caring professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Trey Pruitt
Trey Pruitt

Finance, Los Angeles

"In order to reach our full potential, we leverage our blend of different people, backgrounds and experiences to create value for our employees, shareholders and investors. This unique blend of perspectives enhances our culture, builds our commitment to our surrounding community and fuels our innovation. At the end of the day, our business is about the people with whom we work and how we motivate each other to achieve our goals."

Alex Jones
Alex Jones

Credit, London

“I think the firm has done a really good job of ensuring that the entrepreneurial, progressive culture stays in place. Ares very much strives to be ahead of the curve, and thinks of what the next opportunity is. You are able to have your voice heard by senior members of the team who will take that on board, give you advice, and provide any support that may be required.”

Sarah Trigueiro
Sarah Trigueiro

Corporate Services, Los Angeles

"What I appreciate most about Ares is that, if you perform well, you have the opportunity to take on new challenges and stretch yourself into new disciplines. I have worked in several departments at the firm and enjoy seeing how different ways of thinking and lateral insights from other disciplines can improve decision-making. Collaboration at Ares is about embracing change and driving impact with a team-minded approach, versus looking to one area for a solution."