Sandesh Hegde


Mr. Hegde is a Partner and Chief Technology Officer of Ares Management Corporation. Additionally, he is also the President of Ares India Operations (AOISSC). He is also a member of the Ares Management Committee and the firm's Enterprise Risk Committee. Prior to joining Ares in 2015, Mr. Hegde was a Senior Vice President at Bain Capital, where he focused on technology initiatives and solutions across all Bain Capital business units. Previously, Mr. Hegde held various roles at Wellington Management and SunGard Consulting Services, where he focused on business process optimization and technology automations related to investment data and analytics. In addition, he also worked for Odyssey Capital as an Investment Associate where he focused on evaluating investment opportunities, project financings and portfolio management. Mr. Hegde began his career at Financial Technologies Inc. (SunGard Investran), where he led the design and development for a partnership accounting and portfolio management software for alternative investments. Mr. Hegde holds an M.B.A. from Rice University, B.E. from the University of Pune in Chemical Engineering and an M.S. from Lamar University in Chemical Engineering.