Andreas Vourloumis


Mr. Vourloumis is a Partner in Ares Asia, where he focuses on credit. Additionally, Mr. Vourloumis serves on the Ares Asia Special Situation, Secured Lending and Direct Lending (Australia) Investment Committees and is a Director of Ares Asia Hong Kong. His primary responsibility is to help originate, evaluate and manage investment opportunities in the South East Asia, Australia and other regions in Asia. Prior to joining Ares in 2020, Mr. Vourloumis was the co-founder of SSG Capital Management in 2009 and was extensively involved in deal sourcing, analysis and investing in Asia. At SSG Capital Management, Andreas was intricately involved in South East Asia business development for SSG. Previously, Mr. Vourloumis was a Senior Vice President, South East Asia Head in the Asia Special Situations Group at Lehman Brothers from 2006, where he was responsible for making principal investments in South East Asia. Mr. Vourloumis began his career as a Vice President at Deutsche Bank Indonesia in 1999, joining the Deutsche Bank Distressed Products Group based in Singapore in 2001, where focused on trading and investing in distressed assets across Asia. Mr. Vourloumis holds a B.Sc. in Economics and an M.Sc. in Economic History from the London School of Economics and Political Science.