Ares Our Business Credit Targeted Investments - Liquid Credit

We draw upon the expertise of a deep pool of industry analysts who monitor over 1,000 companies and 30 industries. We have over 40 analysts that support our nearly 20 highly respected portfolio managers and traders. Our senior analysts have on average over ten years of experience and are organized by industry rather than asset class, which we believe enables them to effectively assess relative value across the capital structure within their areas of expertise. We leverage the power of the Ares platform, the extensive network of professionals across our investment areas, to identify and source attractive risk adjusted return opportunities while emphasizing capital preservation. We are able to invest up and down a company’s capital structure, which we believe helps us capitalize on outperformance opportunities. We utilize internal research and cash flow financial modeling to drive fundamental credit analysis and selection. We leverage a proprietary research database to evaluate potential investments against our investment criteria and rigorously monitor investments to track performance against a portfolio’s objectives and parameters.